We have three models of rowboats. All three are constructed using
3/16 inch thick western cedar planking which is nailed to red oak ribs
with copper nails. Oak is also used for the keels, and gunwhales.
They are varnished on the inside and covered with a fibreglass coating
on the outside in either clear or colour.


   Dory &Double Ended Rowboats

The Dory was designed for use by the life guards on the beaches of Lake Ontario
at the request of the Toronto Harbour Police. Its wide transom makes very stable
in the water, and it can be used with a small motor.

Length = 16 feet
Beam = 54 inches
Basic price = See price List

The Double Ended Rowboat is equipped with two sets of oarlocks and
optional back rests and foot bracing.

Length: 16 feet
Beam: 45 inches
Basic price: See price List


The Wherry is our newest rowboat. With its "V" stern,
deep keel, and sleek design, it has good follow through and
rows like a dream.

Length: 14 feet
Beam: 52 ins
Basic price: See price List

For additional pricing, see accessories.